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The process of turning a status symbol
into a powerful marketing tool.

Your web site is an online showroom for your organisation. It is accessible to potentially millions of visitors all over the world. However, it will not be visited if it cannot easily be found.

The first part of the promotion is in your hands. Your web site address should be included on anything your customers or potential customers may see. This includes faxes, invoices, delivery notes, brochures, advertisements, business cards etc. In fact a good rule is to ensure your web address is displayed in all the places you show your telephone number.

A relatively cheap way of publicising your site is to have a postcard made perhaps showing a part of your site and then mail-shot all known and potential customers. This acts as a reminder of your company and should attract an initial surge to your site.

Ensure that all listings in specialist databases and directories include your web site address.

See if your suppliers and customers have web sites and offer to trade links. This a process where you place a direct link to their web pages on your site and they return the compliment by displaying a link to your site.

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Search Engine Promotion.

Promotion of your site in the major search engines is crucial if you want to attract potential customers to your site. SiteEng can ensure that your pages are designed, constructed and optimised so that they can easily be indexed by the major search engines.

Most site designers say that they will submit your site for inclusion into the major search engines and directories but this is highly unlikely to yield results unless you are unique in what you do.

Check out sites created by other designers then test them by searching for a keyword related to their products or service you would expect them to be listed under. Try this on a few different search engines and see if the company is to be found in the results.

Existing sites that are performing poorly can be modified and optimised to have the same results! This may necessitate some re-design but in most cases the modified site will look unchanged.

You could of course try and do it yourself but surely your time would be far better spent on handling the enquiries and orders generated from an optimised site which you can have now. Believe me, there are no tricks or shortcuts just years of learning and hours of analysis and programming, monitoring and adjustments.

If you are seriously interested in a truly powerful marketing tool which will place the door to your showroom in front of millions of  potential customers who are actively searching the web for your services contact SiteEng here for your web site promotion.


Travel company increase online transactions

"Having launched our web site in September 1999 we were quite pleased with the response for the first 12 months. With 8% of bookings coming directly from web site traffic. Since we appointed SiteEng the business has grown from strength to strength
and at present we have taken 72% of bookings on-line." Vendee Gites with pools


Record Label Conquers the world!

"Redemption is not currently engaged with any other forms of marketing for the web-site and this goes further toward illustrating the impact of the work we engaged you to do. We would never have reached customers in places as far flung as Indonesia! As a means of spreading the company's name across the world I don't think we could find a cheaper alternative."



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