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Property Consultants

31st October 2000

To Whom It May Concern

In three short months Dennis Linskey of SiteEng managed to promoted our company website from obscurity to achieving high ratings among all the major search engines and we are delighted with the results.

The commitment Dennis gave to our project was first class, he provided an excellent, professional service in  a prompt extremely efficient and pleasant manner.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Dennis to any company wishing to promote their website as his obvious dedication, enthusiasm and patience is refreshing to work with.

Yours Sincerely,

Una McCoy,


Dundalk. Eire


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Attn: Dennis Linskey

Dear Dennis,

Now that the first part of our web-site promotion is complete I wanted to congratulate you on the good work. From just a few hits a month the site has grown to receive over 1200 visitors a week, the majority of which are directed to us via the search engines you have submitted us to. I have to admit that when we started the process I was very much in the dark about the impact it would have but since November 2000 I have watched the stats grow steadily and indeed continue to grow on a weekly basis. Although a relatively small company we now project the image of a world leader in our field (Record Labels and Online Record Store) by ranking on the first pages of and other important search engines.

Redemption is not currently engaged with any other forms of marketing for the web-site and this goes further toward illustrating the impact of the work we engaged you to do. We would never have reached customers in places as far flung as Indonesia! As a means of spreading the company's name across the world I don't think we could find a cheaper alternative.

Looking forward to continuing our relationship.

Yours faithfully,

Bhaskar Dandona

Managing Director
Redemption Limited

Redemption Limited, Birmingham.

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Camping Holidays in France


Having launched our web site in September 1999 we were quite pleased with the response for the first 12 months. With 8% of bookings coming directly from web site traffic.

During September 2000 we decided to expand the business, the trouble was we were not ranking well in most of the major search engines.

Having contacted SiteEng we were promised very good rankings in all of the well-known search engines as well as detailed reports on hits etc.

Since we appointed SiteEng the business has grown from strength to strength and at present we have taken 72% of bookings on-line.

We are constantly up-dated on how our web site is performing and each report contains increased traffic.

If it wasn't for the professionalism and dedication of all the staff at SiteEng I very much doubt our business would have grown so quickly.

We are now at the point of reducing our national press advertising with a view to eliminating it all together.

Many thanks & best wishes

Andrew Webb
Charles Alexander Holidays





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