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SiteEng is a business with highly specialised skills, dedicated solely to the Optimisation and Promotion of high quality web sites that get results.

Mission Statement.

"SiteEng aim to provide their clients with Superior Web Sites which will enhance their business and generate measurable results"

"By ensuring their clients total satisfaction further business will be generated by references and recommendations"

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Dennis Linskey

My background has not been in the field of web sites or the computer industry. For the last 30 years I have been involved in business management.

The first ten years of my career were spent in the textile industry as a Chartered Textile Technologist holding several management positions. The middle 18 years of my career I spent in the Engineering  Industry where I was Managing Director of the company for ten years.

I am first and foremost a businessman, not a whiz-kid or computer boffin. I understand the business needs of organisations and also the benefits that can be obtained for your organisation by the proper use of the Internet and web sites as powerful business tools.

I first became interested in the Internet some 10 years ago although I have been addicted to computers for the last 21 years.

My company eventually thought it should have a web site and we asked various organisations for quotations to do the work. The prices varied enormously but averaged around 3000.

Not really knowing enough about the Internet etc. I knew that I was not qualified to judge whether the price quoted was fair as I could not judge the benefits we would obtain or the quality of the work done.

My company and I were obsessed by quality and would not risk even this relatively small  investment  without knowing that it would enhance the company and more importantly pay dividends. I decided to learn more about the Internet and in particular web sites and how they could best be used. Most of my spare time at home was spent surfing the net and learning.

Some 12 months later I constructed the web site for the company . I eventually submitted it to all the major search engines expecting to be listed in the top twenty results when I searched for "plasma cut stainless" or "stainless steel profiles" - the key words we had decided that people would use when searching for our services.

The initial results were disappointing to say the least, we were listed but way down in the results that were reported. I knew we would not attract business if we did not appear on the first two pages of results returned and so went back to the drawing board. After much more learning and many re-submissions to the search engines we eventually got the results we were looking for.

Using the skills acquired I created a site for AB Fire Prevention Ltd. and again achieved outstanding results in the search engines.

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We must stress that there are no tricks, shortcuts or programmes that will ensure a high ranking. It is a matter of long hard work performing analysis of pages and then constructing or modifying existing pages. We ensure that they contain all the elements required to rank highly for a given keyword or key phrase.

This process is very time consuming and therefore does not come cheap! (But then neither does a Rolls-Royce.)

The skills we have achieved are rare but not unique. Other companies offer similar services but we would strongly advise you to verify their claims and check the results they have achieved for their clients by contacting previous clients and also performing the searches yourself.

The process we offer is very time consuming but does give results. We do not want to share the knowledge we have gained with employees only to find that they leave with this knowledge and set up in competition. We are therefore  only able to deal with a limited number of projects at any one time.

We offer this specialist service to a limited number of clients, who will value the results which we achieve,  so that we can ensure their delight in the benefits and the quality of the work carried out.





explains the importance of Search Engines and why it is not enough to submit your site for inclusion and expect results.



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